What is a legal levy?

Answer A legal levy is a post-judgment collection procedure authorized by law in which a judgment creditor seeks to attach the property or assets of a debtor defendant in order to obtain satisfaction for ... Read More »

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What legal procedures must the IRS take before arriving at a levy?

The IRS describes a levy as the legal apprehension of assets to fulfill a tax debt. Unlike a lien, which uses the property as collateral, a levy actually seizes the property. Before arriving at a l... Read More »

What is a an IRS tax levy?

A levy is a legal method of collecting a debt. The Internal Revenue Service issues a levy to seize a taxpayer's property to satisfy an unpaid tax debt. The seized property is sold, and the cash pro... Read More »

What Is an IRS Levy?

An IRS levy is a seizure of a person's property in order to satisfy a tax debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service. This process is only used when the person is notified of the debt and does not p... Read More »

What is a levy brief?

When members of the armed service are reassigned to a different organization within the military or request reassignment, they must attend a levy briefing. During these briefings reassigned service... Read More »