What is a legal conflict of interest?

Answer There are laws, rules and codes designed to keep politicians, other public servants and businessmen from exploiting their clients for personal gain. It all falls under the heading "Conflict of Inte... Read More »

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What Is Conflict of Interest for Lawyers?

Under rules of professional responsibility, a lawyer may not represent a client if that representation would create a concurrent conflict of interest. However, conflicts of interest in representati... Read More »

What is a conflict of interest procurement?

According to Texas C-Bar, conflict of interest in a procurement is any situation in which a board member or employee of a business or nonprofit that is procuring has a financial interest in the com... Read More »

What is an attorney's conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest occurs for an attorney when his relationship to his client, opposing counsel, judge or trial is compromised by an existing relationship or bias. For example, an attorney cann... Read More »

What is the definition of conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest arises when a person's private or personal interests are substantial enough to be able to influence or potentially influence a person's official responsibilities.Self-Dealing... Read More »