What is a leg injury that would take you out for 6-8 weeks?

Answer I heard taking an arrow to the knee really messes ur leg up so it might be that

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Finger numb a few weeks after injury?

I'd go get checked. If there's numbness you could've had damage to the nerves. Since nerve cells are unable to grow back you don't want to cause any permanent damage if it could be prevented.

When is it time to negociate a lump sum due to disabling injury that occured on the job I've been collecting weekly checks for 22 weeks and my doctor says no return to work until 2-08.?

Answer There are a number of reasons, but the most obvious is moral hazard. If you were guaranteed a certain level of income by an insurer, what incentive would you have to stay at your job?

Workmans comp drug test when the injury occurs to insure that you were not under the influence but can they still drug test two weeks later before they pay out?

Answer I dont believe they can, I shattered a disc in my back while on the job and needed surgery. I was so jacked up on pain killers and marijuana days later for pain. There is no proof that you w... Read More »

I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult?

make sure the bleeding stops. keep it clean and covered. and let it heal. unless you can't stop the bleeding you don't need to go to the doctor. you'll be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but i... Read More »