What is a leek used for?

Answer The leek, a vegetable in the onion family that resembles a large green onion with a white bulb, is used in cooking. It is particularly popular in Europe and is used in recipes to add a mild onion f... Read More »

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What is a leek?

Leeks are edible plants that are in the onion family. However, they are more mild-tasting than onions. The leaves of a leek plant resemble those of garlic rather than of onion. They can be eaten al... Read More »

What is the difference between leek&fennel?

Leek and fennel are both perennial plants used in cooking, but they have very different tastes. Leeks resemble onions, and fennel tastes a little like black licorice. They can be used together when... Read More »

What could you suggest to have with leek pudding to make a meal, is there anything in particular?

You don't want anything too rich or creamy. I'd suggest plain roast meat or chicken and a green salad or veg. Thanks for the question; I'd never seen leek pudding before, but it looks tasty! I'm g... Read More »

How to Make Ham Leek Rolls?

This is tasty dish that warms you up in the winter,lots of people enjoy it and it easy and quick to make.