What is a leek used for?

Answer The leek, a vegetable in the onion family that resembles a large green onion with a white bulb, is used in cooking. It is particularly popular in Europe and is used in recipes to add a mild onion f... Read More »

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What is a leek?

Leeks are edible plants that are in the onion family. However, they are more mild-tasting than onions. The leaves of a leek plant resemble those of garlic rather than of onion. They can be eaten al... Read More »

How to Make Ham Leek Rolls?

This is tasty dish that warms you up in the winter,lots of people enjoy it and it easy and quick to make.

What is the difference between leek&fennel?

Leek and fennel are both perennial plants used in cooking, but they have very different tastes. Leeks resemble onions, and fennel tastes a little like black licorice. They can be used together when... Read More »

How to Make Vegan Leek Quiche?

Quiche is traditionally made using eggs. For those who cannot eat eggs, this leek quiche provides an interesting and tasty alternative.