What does leech paused mean?

Answer In computing terms, a paused "leech" refers to "leech" as a verb rather than as a noun. When your leeching gets paused, it means that a peer-to-peer application you use has paused a download from a... Read More »

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How to Locate a Leech Bed?

Leeches can be difficult to find because they can hide well in their environment due to their camouflaged appearance. Leech beds are found in almost any type of natural water source such as rivers,... Read More »

What is a torrent leech?

Bittorrent is an Internet technology that allows users to share files over the Internet in such a way that those who receive a file are, at the same time, sending the parts of the file they already... Read More »

How to Leech Using Utorrent?

Utorrent is a free program that you can use to download torrents from other Utorrent users. One way to get faster downloads, though, is to become a “leech.” When you leech on Utorrent, you down... Read More »

What Is Bit Torrent Leech?

A bit torrent is a peer-to-peer client that shares video, audio or print that can be downloaded from various users. More users than ever before are attempting to navigate the bit torrent process an... Read More »