What is a lectern used for in a church?

Answer A lectern is a speaker's stand in the front of the church, traditionally on the right side. It is used for Bible readings, announcements, leading the congregation in prayer and scripture lessons. I... Read More »

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What is a lectern used for?

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary states that the word "lectern" is derived from "legere," a Latin word meaning to read. The term is interchangeable with the words podium or speaker stand. Peop... Read More »

What is a church pulpit used for?

A church pulpit is a special stand from which preachers conduct a service. It is usually an elevated platform that can support a Bible. Pulpits can be made from materials like wood, acrylic or Plex... Read More »

What is a church altar used for?

An altar in a church is typically a raised structure where the Communion takes place. There is usually more than one altar in a church, but the High Altar is the main altar where the sacrifice is o... Read More »

What is a lectern?

A lectern is a stand or desk used for church services, lectures or other public-speaking opportunities. The lectern has a slanted top on which the speaker can place notes or books for ease of readi... Read More »