What is the origin of"cheerio"?

Answer "Cheerio!" is a pleasant way to bid someone farewell and was likely first used in Britian around the year 1910. It comes from the word "cheer," which, since 1720, has denoted a "shout of encouragem... Read More »

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What is the Cheerio effect?

The Cheerio effect is the physical phenomenon regarding the tendency of objects floating on a liquid surface to bunch together and/or form a ring around the edge of the container.BuoyancyOne of the... Read More »

How to Make a Cheerio Necklace?

Cheerios!!!Need a craft for your little one's party? Cheerio necklaces will light up their faces.

Cheerio! Would it be safe to go to the pub and get so wasted that doing my own tooth extraction?

Don't get too wasted; you might lose more than just a tooth...

Cheerio chaps! Is it true that American tooth paste does not have sugar in it?

Naw,that aint true!!! Looky here at mine! Dudn't that tell yew sumthin?