What is a lease purchase on a home?

Answer The dream of many American families is to own a home, but a lack of money or low credit scores sometimes cause the dream to fade. Hope is not lost, provided the buyer knows there are options.Identi... Read More »

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How to Lease Purchase a Home?

A lease purchase is a method of buying a home by way of a rental or lease agreement that includes a clause (option) allowing the renter/lessee to purchase the home within a specific time frame. Som... Read More »

Lease Vs. Purchase for Equipment?

Leasing and purchasing equipment are equally legitimate options, both with their own pros and cons. There is no right or wrong answer in general, but leasing could be better for your business, or v... Read More »

What is a lease purchase agreement?

A lease purchase agreement is a when a lessee agrees to pay a lessor payments on a piece of property, such as an automobile or home. The lessee has the option to apply the payments made toward the... Read More »

Non Binding Lease Purchase Agreements?

A non-binding lease purchase agreement is an agreement in which the renter agrees to pay inflated payments in exchange for the right to buy the property or equipment at the lease's conclusion.