What is the meaning of lazy Susan?

Answer A lazy Susan is a large, circular tray that can revolve. It sits on a table, allowing everyone seated there easy access to items such as food, condiments and

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What is a lazy Susan used for?

According to Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary, a lazy Susan is a revolving tray used to serve food, relishes and condiments. The revolving table eliminates the necessity of picking up dishes of ... Read More »

What is the origin of the lazy Susan?

Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is credited with inventing the lazy Susan, according to the Internet Public Library. The invention, described as a revolving tray or similar structure by Dict... Read More »

What size cabinet is for a'd'shaped lazy Susan?

D-shaped lazy Susans require a cabinet width of 20", 22" or 32" and about two inches less in cabinet depth. The shaft adjusts to fit the cabinet's height. The opening width should be 11" for a 20",... Read More »

How do i adjust a lazy susan?

Remove all items from the Lazy Susan and set them aside. Locate the bracket that supports the Lazy Susan. These are found underneath the actual apparatus. Lift the Lazy Susan with one hand, look un... Read More »