Latent Factor Analysis?

Answer Latent factor analysis is a statistical method of uncovering a few "latent" or hidden variables from a larger set of observed variables. It is related to, but distinct from, principal component ana... Read More »

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What is the definition of Latent disease?

It is a disease that is present and capable of emerging or developing but not now visible, obvious, active, or symptomatic. HIV is an example of this.

How to Release Latent Talent?

You are a multifaceted individual who has yet to begin to excavate the hidden treasure you possess. Though you are aware of the repressed talent you continue to hide, bringing it to surface will re... Read More »

How to Calculate Latent Cooling Capacity?

Sizing air conditioners, according to HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) specialist Arthur Hewett, is more difficult than sizing furnaces because thermostats do not handle humidity w... Read More »

What is the equation for latent heat capacity?

To find specific latent heat (the latent heat for 1 kg of a substance), use the equation "L=m/Q." "L" is the specific latent heat, "m" is the substance's mass in kilograms and "Q" is the amount of... Read More »