What is a laptop LCD inverter?

Answer A laptop LCD Inverter supplies necessary back-lighting power to the laptop's screen. It is actually one of the most important parts of a laptop---without the inverter pictures and images would not ... Read More »

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What is a laptop inverter board?

The inverter board supplies power for the screen backlight. The voltage requirement for a screen backlight differs from the voltage supplied by the motherboard, so the inverter board performs the c... Read More »

What is a laptop screen inverter?

A laptop screen inverter is a small board that converts the electric current from the motherboard from DC to AC, which is what is used by the monitor. The inverter is positioned at the base of the ... Read More »

The Purpose of the Laptop Inverter?

The inverter is part of a laptop's display assembly. Also known as inverter board, screen inverter or LCD inverter, the device is a small green board attached to the base of the LCD panel. In a lap... Read More »

How large is a laptop inverter?

A laptop inverter is a small circuit board device that is used to control the voltage and brightness of a laptop's video display. While laptop inverters come in a number of different sizes, dependi... Read More »