What is a lap sleeve gastrectomy?

Answer A lap sleeve gastrectomy, or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical procedure to diminish the stomach's food capacity. Doctors sometimes use this technique as part of a weight loss solution... Read More »

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What US naval rank is indicated by three equal stripes on the right sleeve with one star just above the stripes on the same sleeve?

Which sleeve do you sew your new stripes?

i think our marine/army servicemen/wmoen and polices officers use it differently? dont they?since you mentiond hes an ranking army officer in USMC you should ask him first to make sure its right. a... Read More »

What Is a Sleeve Bearing?

Bearings allow free movement of machine parts. The sleeve or journal bearing is a simple bearing used for big-end machines, main crankshaft bearings for cars and computer peripherals. Sleeve bearin... Read More »

How to Sew in or Insert a Cap Sleeve?

Cap sleeve and shoulder seam of garment shown.One of the most common sleeve insertions in sewing is the cap sleeve. The cap sleeve has almost a bell shaped curve in shape and is gathered to fit ins... Read More »