I have a landline number and i want to know the address of where this landline is. How can i do this?

Answer # with ........ is still the best!!!# yellowbook.comit even gives you the!if all fails, here are some more sites you can try...# - Business and residentia... Read More »

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What code do i use to call a cell phone number in the US from a landline in Texas?

Just 1 and the area code where you are calling.

How can I get a landline telephone number?

You need to connect with a phone company (e.g. BT, Telewest). Once registered and re-connected you will be given a new number.

What phone number do you ring from your landline to find out which last nuumber rang you?

1471Note to Americans. This question is on Yahoo UK Answers, the number in the UK is 1471, not *69.

How to call a UK number from a USA landline?

To call UK from USA dial international code followed by country code then number you want to connect remembering to leave out first zero of phone number.for example:00(int code) 44(UK) 1234 567 8901