How to port my land line number to my oivp?

Answer Call your local phone company & request VOIP or use one of the internet carriers.

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Can you transfer a land line to mobile number? can port your landline to your cellphone....its the law...they have to do it!

Porting Eircom land line number to UPC problem?

Normally they will only release your number when you have paid all your bills,if they disconnect it for too long, you could even lose it altogether.So yes, quite likely that not 'completing' you co... Read More »

Land line NUMBER OF CALLS record machine.?

You have 3 things working against you. One is cost, two is availability of a device and 3 is that you are in a different country.If it were my project in the U.S., I'd pick a phone system with SMD... Read More »

How to call a cellphone number in the US using a land line?

you need the full number, including the area code.