How to call a cellphone number in the US using a land line?

Answer you need the full number, including the area code.

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How to port my land line number to my oivp?

Call your local phone company & request VOIP or use one of the internet carriers.

Can you transfer a land line to mobile number? can port your landline to your cellphone....its the law...they have to do it!

Land line NUMBER OF CALLS record machine.?

You have 3 things working against you. One is cost, two is availability of a device and 3 is that you are in a different country.If it were my project in the U.S., I'd pick a phone system with SMD... Read More »

Can I change a cell phone to a land line number?

Yes, you can change a cell phone to a landline number. According to Federal Communications Commission number portability rules, you can move your phone number to any service you wish, including cel... Read More »