What is a laminate floor?

Answer Laminate flooring is an engineered floor cover designed to mimic a natural, more expensive floor cover like tile, wood or stone. The higher quality laminate floors are difficult to distinguish from... Read More »

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Is hardwood floor or laminate floor better?

Both floors have their advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the home.Hardwood has 2 main styles, solid or engineered wood.Solid wood floors are the most common and thought of as"traditional"... Read More »

What is a laminate floor with an attached underlayment?

A laminate floor with an attached underlayment is equivalent to a regular laminate floating floor, but because the foam underlayment is attached, there is no need to roll out a separate underlaymen... Read More »

What can i put under sofa feet to stop scratching laminate floor?

this is what everyone is on abouti have these, you can get them in strips too, you just cut to size, peel the back off and they stick on the feet of chairs tables and sofasyou can get them in any d... Read More »

How do you clean a laminate floor?

Hi, I just use warm water and vinegar 1 cup to a gallon. It works well and I prefer something that is natural. I just use a mop that is well wrung out so it is just damp. You do not want to wet flo... Read More »