What is a "lager shandy"?

Answer A shandy (or shandy-gaff to give it its full name) is a drink made with 50% lemonade and 50% ale. A lager shandy substitutes lager for ale. A ginger-beer shandy substitutes ginger beer for lemonade... Read More »

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True Or False: you could just drink a large pint of shandy..?

What Is Lager?

A lager is a type of beer made with bottom fermenting yeast that is brewed at lower temperatures and for a longer duration than ales. However, in German "lager" simply refers to storing beer at co... Read More »

Favourite lager?

Corona with a lime, muuuuummmmmmmm refreshing. I don't even like beer, this is the only one 4 me.

How is lager made?

Beers are generally classified in one of two categories: ales and lagers. These styles differ not only in flavor, but in how they are brewed. The process is different for each, and it all comes dow... Read More »