What is a labor union contract?

Answer An organization has the power to downsize its staff to increase profits or outsource to different location with lower salaries. Unions provide employees with legal protection, such as not being fir... Read More »

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Texas Labor Laws Regarding Overtime Pay & Contract Labor?

All employees in Texas and in the United States are protected by a multitude of labor laws. This includes a law guaranteeing overtime pay, which is typically regular wages plus one half for most em... Read More »

What is a labor contract used for?

A labor contract is a legally binding, private agreement in which employers and labor organizations specify and agree on work-related issues. This contract informs the employee of such specifics as... Read More »

Contract Labor Act?

The 1885 Contract Labor Act prohibited American individuals and organizations from engaging in labor contracts with workers prior to their legal immigration to the United States. The bill also proh... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Contract Labor?

In times of difficult economic conditions or when looking to reduce labor costs, an employer may turn to contract labor as a temporary or permanent solution. Contract labor allows for the completio... Read More »