What is a kunzite stone?

Answer Kunzite is relatively new to the gem world, having been discovered in San Diego, California, in 1902. It is renowned for its delicate beauty which provides a soft, feminine touch to jewelry.Histor... Read More »

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Is kunzite a quartz?

Kunzite is a variety of spodumene, the main source of lithium, and is not a form of quartz. It is pink to violet in color or colorless, but can change color when heated. Spodumene is relatively rar... Read More »

Facts about Kunzite Mineral?

When the mineral spodumene has a pink to light purple hue, it is called kunzite. Kunzite is considered to be a semi-precious stone and is often used to make pendants and brooches rather than smalle... Read More »

What is the difference between stone veneer&manufactured stone?

A stone veneer is a thin layer of stone placed over another material to give the whole surface the look of being stone. Manufactured stone is a material made from concrete that imitates real stone.... Read More »

What Kind of Stone Is Gray Stone?

Gray stone is a color, not a type of material. Many stones come in various shades of gray, from a light blue-gray to deep gray, almost black, basalt. Many gray stones have color variations; some ma... Read More »