What is a kosher alternative to sirloin steak?

Answer For a Kosher steak you can get in a Kosher butcher a rib steak, they can only cut down as far as the 4th rib, shoulder/chuck can be used, flank and brisket to but these are long cooking or rare ite... Read More »

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What Is the Difference in Top Sirloin & Top Round Steak?

Steak lovers agree that a top sirloin steak is preferred to a top round steak. For the average meat eater, personal taste will determine preference. Top sirloin steaks are ideal for grilling, but i... Read More »

Can you grill a sirloin tip steak?

The Beef Innovations Group recommends grilling a sirloin tip steak covered on a grill over medium coals covered in ash. On a charcoal grill, cook a 3/4-inch sirloin tip steak for eight or nine minu... Read More »

How to Cook Top Sirloin Steak?

Top sirloin steak is a popular choice among meat lovers. As a general rule, these boneless cuts are very affordable, large enough to feed a family, and feature great flavor when prepared well. Ther... Read More »

How to Grill Sirloin Steak?

Besides grilling hamburgers, grilling steaks is a popular form of dinner signifying the grilling season has arrived. Different cuts of meat require different grilling techniques. How to grill sirlo... Read More »