What is a knife that looks like a peeler called?

Answer One knife that looks like a peeler is called a paring knife. A paring knife is about the same length as an average peeler--about 3 ½ inches long. A paring knife is often used for peeling.

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What's that cereal called that looks like little golden pieces of toast?

What is that show called on ABC family the main guy sort of looks like luke Wilson and he wears a plaid vest and causes a lot of trouble he has a mustache and brown hair and is about 30 yrs old?

It's about Emma Becker who is a foster kid, she finds her twin sister Sutton Mercer who lives "the sweet life" in Phoenix. They find each other because Sutton is searching for her birth mother an f... Read More »

What is a bus that's inside looks like a house called?

Seriously....?It's called an RV, or a recreational vehicle.

What is a keyboard that looks like a guitar?

The keytar is a keyboard that looks like a guitar, according to a "Guardian" article by David McNamee. Lesley Symons invented the keytar in 1977. Musicians such as Herbie Hancock and Lady Gaga have... Read More »