What is a kitchen extractor fan?

Answer A kitchen extractor fan ventilates the kitchen by bringing pollutants, such as airborne grease, smoke and cooking smells, outside. Kitchen extractor fans improve the air quality in the home. The di... Read More »

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What is a Molex Extractor?

A Molex Extractor is a tool or set of tools that assists with removing the electrical wires from a Molex Connector. Molex Connectors are small white plastic plugs containing four wires, used to sup... Read More »

What is the file extension extractor?

A file extension extractor is a program that can decompress and extract files of various formats. The Legroom website says that the Universal Extractor can extract files from virtually any type of... Read More »

What does win 32 cabinet extractor mean?

A cabinet file is a compressed archive file similar to a zip file. In Windows operating systems (win32), a cabinet extractor allows you to open the files contained within the archive. Windows 95, 9... Read More »

What does Win32 : cabinet Self extractor mean?

No, it's a reference to a .cab file. Cab files have been used by Windows ever since I can remember. It's a special type of archive that your Windows OS is using. The message you're getting is ju... Read More »