What does the term kindred spirit mean?

Answer Kindred means that something is of the same family or is of a like nature or character. "Kindred spirits" means that two people have a shared experience or are linked in a more spiritual or unexpla... Read More »

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What is a Kindred synopsis?

"Kindred" is a book by Octavia Butler. A synopsis is a brief description of the characters, setting and plot in a book. In "Kindred," a young woman from 1976 is transported back to 1800s Maryland t... Read More »

What is a kindred soul?

A kindred soul is also called a kindred spirit. This person shares your values, beliefs, feelings and attitudes. In one sense, we are all kindred souls because we are all human, and as such, experi... Read More »

What is the overall effect of time travel in the novel kindred?

'Fruits Basket' , with 26 episodes , is an anime series .

Can denatured spirit be used to make surgical spirit?

Yes, denatured spirit can be used to make surgical spirit.Ethyl alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol is used for surgical purposeSurgical spirit is 70% denatured ethanol