Homemade Kiln?

Answer If you make pottery in small quantities as a hobby, there is no need to spend vast amounts of money on a commercial kiln. You can make a small, effective kiln with readily available and inexpensive... Read More »

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How to Use a Kiln Sitter?

Most electric kilns now use kiln sitters to produce more accurate results than timing and witness cones. The kiln sitter uses a junior firing cone that matches the firing temperature of the clay. W... Read More »

How to Use a Kiln Peephole?

The temperature in an electric or gas kiln is measured using a pyrometer, a device that indicates the temperature at any point during a firing. Not all types of kilns have a pyrometer; instead, the... Read More »

What is a wood kiln?

Wood kilns use burning wood to provide the heat source for firing ceramics when special effects from flashing and fly ash are desired in the finished product. They are not in widespread use today, ... Read More »

How a Pottery Kiln Is Made?

Pottery is one of the most ancient crafts developed by human beings. Many of the only relics left over from ancient civilizations are pottery shards---and they owe their long lifespan to being fire... Read More »