What is a kids check at Chuck E. Cheese?

Answer Chuck E. Cheese is a restaurant where children can play video games, sing, dance and eat pizza. To protect children, Chuck E. Cheese restaurants have implemented the Kid Check safety program.Purpos... Read More »

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How much cheese could Chuck E. Cheese chuck if Chuck E. Cheese could chuck cheese?

For as long as people buy it and eat it Chuck E. Cheese will keep on chucking all the cheese that we eat. (I like Chuck E. Cheese he is so cute…

What was your favorite attraction at Chuck E. Cheese?

Skee-Ball. Unless we count the pizza and ensuing show an attraction.

What should I do for my son b-day throw him a b-day party or just go to chuck e cheese?

You could all use a break, so take him out. There will be plenty of things for him to do and you won't have to clean up.

Can you go to Chuck E Cheese if you are 12?

Yes, you can go to Chuck E Cheese. But you can't legallly use Yahoo unless you are 13 years old, or older. It doesn't matter if you are almost 13 or if your parents say it is ok. It's a federal ... Read More »