What is a keylogger program?

Answer A keylogger program is most often used for malicious reasons. It records all the keystrokes made at a computer, allowing someone in a different location to see everything that has been typed. Keylo... Read More »

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What is a keylogger trojan?

The Internet contains a world of malicious software. Hidden keyloggers are a particular threat that can lead to identity theft by recording every press of the keyboard.KeyloggersKeyloggers are prog... Read More »

What is a keylogger virus?

A keylogger virus is malware, or malicious software, that captures all, or selected, keystrokes made on a computer keyboard and sends the information to a remote attacker. Keyloggers are used by un... Read More »

Sys keylogger pro?

That keylogger can see whatever your typing like credit card numbers. Passwords... What you need to do is scan and it should pop up in an anti-virus and delete it or go to start>search>files or fol... Read More »

How to Get Rid of PDM Keylogger?

PDM Keylogger is a fake threat generated by the Data Protection rogue "anti-virus" program. Data Protection installs itself onto your computer and launches pop-up warnings that say "Warning Keylogg... Read More »