How to Make a Right Knot Left Knot Bracelet With Beads?

Answer This is a simple knot that can be used for many things like bracelets, a necklace, a anklet, or even a ring. If you are advanced you might have already learned this easy knot. It is in a lot of dif... Read More »

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I am looking for an ancient Keltic Druid Christmas soup receipe?

Just get some KFC, and you'll be fine...(with the mashed potatos and gravy, of course...)And by the way...Sometimes they prescribe downers to take you down from the prescription speed you're on....... Read More »

What fishing knot is the hardest to break?

According to "Field & Stream," the strongest fishing knots are the six-turn San Diego jam, for tying on lures or flies; the six-turn Yucatan knot, for splicing a light line and heavy line together;... Read More »

What knot do I need to use for tree climbing?

Different knots are used to meet the needs of the tree climber. The figure of eight knot is great to use to connect your harness to the rope or to add a karabiner to the rope. The clove hitch knot... Read More »

What is a knot equal to in wind speed?

Wind speed is usually given in terms of knots. One knot is equal to 1.15 miles per hour or 1.9 kilometers per hour. To calculate wind speed in terms of miles or kilometers per hour, simply multiply... Read More »