1997 Suzuki Katana on a 1998 katana?

Answer You could ask your supplier if you can bring it back if it dont fit.He may charge a 'restocking'(handling) fee typically 10% or so

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600 Katana Specifications Vs. 750 Katana?

The 600 and 750 Katanas are part of the Suzuki GSX range, designed as crossovers between sport and touring bikes. The main differences between the two are the engine size and performance.

What is the horsepower of a Suzuki Katana 600?

The Suzuki Katana 600 delivers 80 horsepower. Derived from the original Suzuki GSX-R, the Katana 600 sports an advanced 16-valve engine, a Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber and the Suzuki Advanced Cool... Read More »

What does katana mean?

A katana is a specific type of Japanese sword possessing a single blade, a mild curve and a length of about 24 inches or greater. This distinguishes it from other types of Japanese swords, such as ... Read More »

What is the difference between a katana&a samurai sword?

A katana is a samurai sword, but not all samurai swords are katanas. The warrior class of feudal Japan used other types of swords as well, though the katana was the most prevalent.KatanaA katana it... Read More »