What is a karate coach called?

Answer A karate coach is commonly referred to as a sensei. The term is Janpanese and refers to experienced professionals. While sensei is used outside of karate, it is accepted as the proper way to addres... Read More »

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What is the karate uniform called?

The uniform worn in karate is called a "gi," pronounced "gee" with a hard "g" as in "ground." This is often lengthened to "karategi," meaning "gi for karate" or "dogi," meaning "gi for the way." Ka... Read More »

What is the show on ESPN about coach k called?

Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3 in C Major. Enjoy!!

I iam going to a skl trip to kent by coach and i want to know what i could do on the coach?

Take a Nintendo DS and games or read a book or take your Ipod

Do all Coach-style handbags have a Coach label sewn inside?

The majority of Coach handbags have an interior label with a serial number. Some of the smaller bags, including the "clutch," "swingpack" and the "mini," do not have a label inside.Source:eBay Guid... Read More »