What is a juris doctorate degree?

Answer A juris doctorate (JD) is the technical term for a professional law degree obtained at an accredited university after several years of study. A JD enables an individual to pursue a career in the le... Read More »

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What type of degree is a juris doctorate?

A Juris Doctor (also known as a J.D. or Doctor of Jurisprudence) is a graduate degree in law, required by most states as a prerequisite to sit for their bar exams.HistoryThe J.D. degree originally ... Read More »

Is a juris doctor degree equal to a doctorate?

A Juris Doctor (JD) degree is a doctorate-level degree in law. Not to be confused with a medical degree, a JD is the only professional law degree; graduates who earn it may sit for the bar exam to ... Read More »

What does juris doctorate mean?

In the United States a juris doctorate, or JD, is a law degree requiring three or four years of study beyond a bachelor's degree. In most states an aspiring lawyer must earn a juris doctorate as on... Read More »

What is a juris doctorate in law?

A Juris Doctorate or J.D. is a professional doctorate degree conferred by law schools. It is now the primary law degree in the United States.OriginThe J.D. first rose into prominence in the United ... Read More »