What is a junior naval officer called?

Answer The most junior officer grade in the United States Navy is that of Ensign, followed by a Lieutenant Junior Grade. The most senior officer ranks are Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral.Source:Na... Read More »

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What are the leaves called on a us naval officer hat?

If you are talking about the golden stuff on the brim of the hat and even the ships ball cap , the only term I have ever heard to describe it is scrambled eggs.

What naval officer exemplified the new Navy's drive for professional development and leadership in naval sciences with his experiments on the speed of light?

Can a naval officer marry a naval officer in US?

As long as they're not within the same Chain of Command (e.g., one is the other's Commanding Officer or senior officer in the chain above), then yes - it's actually quite common for officers to mar... Read More »

Are there any cited court judgments involving a junior ranking officer in a senior appointment giving an order to a senior officer in rank. What was the details of this case?

No, signing up for the Coast Guard, both Active duty and reserves is just like anyother military service, and "they" pay you.If you're interested in a non commital Coast Guard type job, there's alw... Read More »