Why is Mr. Bean called Mr. Bean?

Answer Because that's his name

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What Is a Hyacinth Bean?

The hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab) is an attractive vine that climbs around posts or pillars and twines around trellises and fences to add natural color to the landscape. Also called Chinese flowe... Read More »

What is a bean plant?

Bean plants are large plants that produce seeds. Humans and animals can eat these seeds. There is a large variety of bean plants. The most popular beans are lima, pinto and kidney beans.Scientific ... Read More »

What is a butter bean?

A butter bean, also known as a lima bean, is a legume. Two main varieties of lima beans found in the United States are the larger Fordhook and the smaller Sieva lima bean. In the south, the term "b... Read More »

What Is Carob Bean Gum?

Carob bean gum comes from the carob (locust) tree, Ceratonia siliqua, a large leguminous evergreen originating in the countries of the Mediterranean. The tree is now grown widely in warm climates, ... Read More »