What is a juicer?

Answer A juicer is the close cousin of a blender. The difference is that a juicer usually extracts juice from vegetables or wheatgrass, while a blender deals with fruit, yogurt, coffee, ice cream and more... Read More »

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What is the name of the song in philip juicer advertismnet?

I Also Had A Similiar Situation The Track Was Specially Created For The Advertisement By Philips Official By The Approval Of Privacy And Copyright Material And Hence They Will Not Share With You.

What are some good recipes for a vegetable juicer?

Juicing veggies is a great way to reach the required quota of veggies and fruit. It's an acquired taste, might want to take it easy at first. The juice that will come out of the juicer... Read More »

What watt motor does the Juiceman 2-speed juicer use?

The Juiceman brand manufactures two distinct two-speed automatic juice extractors. Both the JM300 and JM400 juicers employ 700-watt motors to extract pulp from whole fresh fruits and vegetables, cr... Read More »

What Are Some Smoothie Recipes For Weightloss Without A Juicer But A Blender?

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