What is a judgment from a credit card company?

Answer If a credit card company does not receive payment for a debt, the debt will often be charged off and sold. In some cases, however, the credit card company will file a lawsuit against the debtor in ... Read More »

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How long does a judgment for credit card debt stay on your credit?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a judgment based on credit card debt remains on a debtor's credit report for seven years or until the statute of limitations runs out, whichever is longer... Read More »

What does APR mean when receiving a credit card from a company?

According to Bank of America, APR is an abbreviation for annual percentage rate, which determines the annual cost of your credit. Unlike interest rates, APR factors in other fees that occur within ... Read More »

How to Fight a Credit Card Judgment?

Fight a credit card judgment by seeking legal help. Look up your state's rules that apply to civil procedures and learn terms used in filing a motion to vacate. File a motion to vacate the credit c... Read More »

Florida Credit Card Judgment Penalties?

A credit card judgment occurs when a credit card company or collection agency sues you for an outstanding credit card balance. If you do not show up at the hearing, or you show up but fail to prese... Read More »