What is a jointer?

Answer The woodworking machine jointer constructs joints, straightens surfaces and squares board edges. A jointer straightens and smooths surfaces of a board prior to joining them together. Carpenters com... Read More »

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What is a jointer used for?

A jointer is an electric tool used in construction to flatten and smooth out wood. Jointers take out rough surfaces in wood and help create products such as tables, chairs and shelves.Source:Tool G... Read More »

What is a jointer saw?

A jointer is a tool used to flatten the edge on a piece of stock lumber and bring it to a 90-degree square or other predefined angle. Several passes are made over the blades until the desired resul... Read More »

What is a biscuit jointer?

A biscuit jointer is a power tool used for woodworking joinery. The biscuit joiner cuts a crescent-shaped cut into the edge of the board and a biscuit. An oval piece of wood is used to connect the... Read More »

What does a woodworking jointer do?

A jointer is a woodworking machine used to straighten and smooth curvy or warped wood surfaces. The name "jointer" stems from the carpentry process known as jointing, which involves the gluing toge... Read More »