What is a joint checking account?

Answer A joint checking account is opened under two names and is usually done by a husband and wife. With a joint checking account, both people can deposit money and write checks from the same account. If... Read More »

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Removal of a Name From a Joint Checking Account?

Removing a name from a joint checking account is generally possible, but must be done according to the guidelines of the bank. On a joint account where both account holders are primary (both partie... Read More »

Can I remove a name from a joint checking account?

Removing your name from a joint checking account depends on your bank's policies. Most banks suggest canceling the joint account and opening a new personal account. Some banks allow for a name to b... Read More »

Can your joint checking account be garnished?

After a lawsuit, a creditor may freeze and attempt to garnish a debtor's checking account, regardless of who shares the account. However, the joint account holder has the right to contest the freez... Read More »

How do I manage a joint checking account when two people are using debit cards?

Bank OnlineSign up for online banking so both partners may view the balance at any time. Most debit card charges are recorded instantly so each partner has current information. That is only a parti... Read More »