What is a jms topic?

Answer Java Message Service (JMS) is a way to send messages between two or more clients on a computer network. A JMS topic manages the flow of messages from JMS publishers (producers) to subscribers (con... Read More »

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What are some good reasons for choosing a topic Bring Them HomeThis topic is concerning Missing Children?

The average amount of people get married at the age of 25.

What is a technical speech topic?

A technical speech is designed to be an informative speech, through which the speaker instructs an audience on how to accomplish or further understand a specific task or subject. In other words, t... Read More »

What Are Comprehensive Topic Sentences?

A topic sentence is a sentence that comprehensively sums up the ideas or facts presented in a paragraph. In professional and academic writing, a topic sentence should be included in all major parag... Read More »

What do i wear to an interview at hot topic?

I would dress dressy casual such as a nice pair of slacks and shirt. No jeans, t-shirt or tennis shoes if you really want the job.