What is a jade ivy plant?

Answer Jade ivy, also known as ivory jade, is a mounding evergreen noted for providing color contrast in winter. For this reason, the jade ivy plant is commonly referred to as winter creeper.ProfileThe bo... Read More »

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What is a mini jade plant?

Mini jade plants are small bonsai plants under a foot high. Their rounded, pale green leaves are one third of the size of the jade houseplant. Sometimes called the Elephant Bush, the mini jade plan... Read More »

Is the Jade ivy plant poisonious?

The Jade ivy plant (Euonymus fortunei, also known as Ivory-Jade Wintercreeper Euonymus) is a low-growing shrub with green and ivory leaves tinged with pink. Jade ivy is a nontoxic plant, according ... Read More »

How do I save my jade plant?

Don't put it in water. Just let the wound callous over and then stick it directly into moist soil. If you have a branch that is growing too lone you can always clip it off, let the wounds heal, a... Read More »

How to Grow a Jade Plant?

Jade PlantEnjoy the benefits of growing a jade plant! Known as the feng shui money plant, this popular succulent has many wonderful features.A jade plant is a popular succulent with jade-colored, r... Read More »