Does Dropping a syringe full of insulin ruin the syringe?

Answer it dose because it is not sterial any more

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When Were Hypodermic Needles Invented?

Alexander Wood invented the first true hypodermic syringe in 1853. He put a needle on a regular syringe and used it to inject morphine into patients with sleeping problems. In time he used a finer ... Read More »

Where is 67 ml on a 1ml syringe?

I think you really mean where is 0.67 mL on a 1 mL syringe? If so, and you are measuring Frontline (another assumption), you would be better off to get yourself a Monodose Teaspoon measure from Ama... Read More »

Where do you get the syringe on the app sergeon 2?

The iPad2 measures approximately 71/2 inches by 91/2 inches.

Can i use a syringe instead of a netti pot?

On One Hand: Neti Pot AdvantagesThe neti pot, from the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine, has been used for thousands of years. Neti pots are more open than syringes and easier to clear o... Read More »