What is a hydrostatic skeleton?

Answer A hydrostatic skeleton is a skeletal system usually seen in aquatic life forms. It is unique because it is not hard like a human skeletal system, which is made up of bones. It is filled with fluid,... Read More »

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What was the name of the kid's show about an evil skeleton and 3D dimensions and a boy hero the skeleton lived in a big castle thing and had henchmen. and there were amulets to be collected.?

The Advantages of a Hydrostatic Transmission?

A transmission is most commonly used in vehicles and uses gear ratios to provide speed and torque conversion from a rotating power source to another tool. A hydrostatic uses hydraulics to accomplis... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Hydrostatic Transmission?

Hydrostatic transmission (HST) is a type of continuously variable transmission (CVT) system. Its basic task is taking in rotary power (from a rotating location) from the combustion system and trans... Read More »

How to Check the Hydrostatic Fluid on an MTD?

The hydrostatic fluid in your MTD tractor, also called hydraulic fluid, helps facilitate the movement of power in your tractor. Hydrostatic fluid should be checked periodically by measuring the amo... Read More »