What is a hybrid vehicle?

Answer In the automobile industry, a hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct power sources that generally consist of gasoline combustion and an electric source. According to the Just-auto website, there ... Read More »

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Who invented the first hybrid vehicle?

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, a young engineer at Jacob Lohner & Company, built the first hybrid vehicle in 1899. The car is known as the Lohner Porsche hybrid. It was built with a in-wheel electric motor... Read More »

Can you jump start a vehicle using a hybrid?

You can jump start a car with a conventional engine by using a hybrid car, as long as the hybrid car has a standard 12-volt battery for starting the vehicle. Jump start a car using the 12-volt batt... Read More »

How to Recycle Hybrid Vehicle Car Batteries?

Hybrid cars use different technology than conventional cars. Many hybrid car components, including batteries, are different than those found in standard automobiles. As of May 2010, hybrid car batt... Read More »

Is buying a hybrid vehicle worth it right now?

No.It takes many years (10) for most hybrids to pay for themselves in gas savings compared to the non-hybrid version.Your best bet is to wait for turbo-diesel hybrids which combine the effeciency o... Read More »