What is a hurricane candle?

Answer Hurricane candles are a candle variation that consists of a shell of wax that surrounds the interior candle and wick. The large shell remains after burning and new candles can be inserted inside th... Read More »

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How to Hang a Hurricane Candle?

Hurricane candles have a glass shade around them that keeps drafts from blowing the candle out. They were named hurricane candles because the shade protected the light source during a storm, such a... Read More »

Can you use glass jars in the Candle Creations Candle Making Machine?

The Candle Creations Candle Making Machine has an adjustable mold holder, so it can accommodate any cylindrical object that can hold hot liquid wax. The mold holder holds it steady while the machin... Read More »

How can I remove dried candle wax from a glass votive candle holder?

Easy. Just run some hot water in a sink or bowl and soak for about 10 minutes or so. The wax will soften and slide right off. It should be solid enough to pick out of the water. Avoid letting it... Read More »

Why does a white candle burn faster than a colored candle?

A white candle burns faster than a colored candle because the coloring slows the burning. Also, see the link below.