What is a hub bearing on a car?

Answer Hub bearings form the crucial link between the wheel and chassis, and no car has ever been produced without them. Among other functions, these devices allow a wheel to rotate freely on its mounting... Read More »

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Hub Bearing Vs. Wheel Bearing?

The bearing assemblies on vehicles allow the wheel to rotate, as well as keeping the wheels adhered to the vehicle's body. Bearing types vary, but all perform the same function.

How to Use a Pilot Bearing Puller to Remove a Pilot Bearing?

A pilot bearing is a sleeve-type bearing that reduces the amount of friction to which your vehicle's transmission is exposed. The pilot bearing is composed of two parts: the bearing seat and a bear... Read More »

How do I tell tip bearing apple trees from spur bearing apple trees?

SpursLook for spurs (thick, thorn-like growths) on the apple tree's branches. If fruit production has started, the apples develop on the spurs. If you have spurs on the tree, you have either a part... Read More »

Where can I buy a hub bearing?

Do-it-yourself car maintenance has become easier to learn, as parts dealers are starting up all over the country. Rather than paying dealership prices, a lot of car owners are turning to national p... Read More »