How to Survive Being in a Hostage Situation?

Answer So you're at work when the unthinkable happens. Be ready to survive a hostage crisis at any moment.

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Have you ever received a hostage call?

You didn't pay your hub's ransom like you said you would.Sorry we sent his ears and beanus to the wrong address.

Skills Needed for Hostage Negotiation?

Because of the possibility of loss of life in a hostage situation, hostage negotiators require a skill set that allows them to smoothly and safely handle a stressful situation. A skilled hostage ne... Read More »

How did the Iran Hostage Crisis resolve itself?

The United States released a large number of frozen Iranian funds in Western Banks in exchange for the Hostages. To find out more, see the link below.

How to Survive an Abduction or Hostage Situation?

One minute you're getting in your car to go to work, and the next you're bound and gagged in the back of a speeding van. For most people, being kidnapped or held hostage is a terrifying experience.... Read More »