What is a hospitalist program?

Answer For most patients, the hospital is a foreign place of sights and sounds we would like to remove ourselves from as healthy as possible. The hospitalist program, designed around a physician who speci... Read More »

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What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a type of physician who treats patients exclusively in hospitals rather than in a physician's office, clinic or private practice. Hospitalists serve as a pediatrician or internist ... Read More »

Duties of a Hospitalist?

The term hospitalist is applied to a medical practitioner who primarily focuses his care on patients in the hospital situation. The idea behind the practice was to have a single doctor oversee pati... Read More »

How long is a hospitalist residency?

A hospitalist is a general term describing a physician or others in health care who treat patients in a hospital. According to the Washington University School of Medicine, the length of a hospital... Read More »

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