What is a hookah pipe?

Answer The hookah is a uniquely designed water pipe for smoking tobacco that is traditionally used throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia. It is used in homes and socially in hookah ba... Read More »

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Where can i buy a hookah pipe in hollywood florida?

You can get some nice cheap ones online. But you could probably just google it. I got mine (a one hose, small purple hookah) for $17. You shouldn't have too much trouble.

Can you smoke hookah tobacco on a glass pipe (glass bowl)?

not really a good idea. hookah tobacco should be used in a hookah because the hookah kind of vaporizes it with a coal separated by foil but clean the pipe with rubbing alcohol and some salt, rinse ... Read More »

Can i replace part of pool pump piping with smaller pipe gluing pipe inside instead of coupler and same size pipe shouldnt be much smaller?

Yes. My 13" TV sat directly on top of the microwave and only minor interference occurred when the microwave was microwaving.

What is the best hookah How can I get best wholesale hookah?

I think you can check the website adress I haven given at my resource box. It is the best one so far...