What is a hood used for on a camera?

Answer When a professional is using a camera, it's very important to consider the lighting and how it is going to affect the final image. A camera lens hood is a tool professionals use so they can prevent... Read More »

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What are hood pins used for?

In the past, hood pins were rarely, but occasionally, used to securely latch the hood in place on a vehicle at high speeds. However, more often than not hood pins have been used for decoration. The... Read More »

Flower type Lens Hood For Canon 450 Digital camera?

Take it to a camera card developing lab. Remember to ask for the negatives.

How to Open a Hood on a Geo Tracker When the Hood Latch Cable Is Broken?

The hood latch cable on a Geo Tracker is made from braided steel wire. This cable runs through a piece of small-diameter plastic conduit and terminates at the hood latch release lever inside the ve... Read More »

How to Open the Hood of a Ford Explorer With a Broken Hood Cable?

The hood cable in a Ford Explorer runs from the hood latch to the hood release lever, inside the vehicle. This cable connects the interior hood release lever to the hood latch underneath the leadin... Read More »