What is a homestead property?

Answer The term "homestead property" is defined as the location of a person's main residence. It also refers to land acquired via the Homestead Act, and it has a legal definition that pertains to certain ... Read More »

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What Is Homestead Property Protection?

According to, state and federal laws protect a homeowner against the forced sale of her principal residence by creditors. This is called homestead property protection, which also pro... Read More »

What Cities Give Away Homestead Property?

In an economic downturn, the housing market isn't just feeling the pinch. Some towns have found a potential solution to help out those looking to make homes and lives for themselves while relieving... Read More »

Can a condo association foreclose on an homestead property?

Your state law regarding homestead property ownership and those rights, obligations, responsibilities and how they relate to ownership within an association are both involved in the answer to this ... Read More »

What is a homestead tax?

The homestead tax gives homeowners tax protection against fluctuating property values. Details of the homestead tax vary based upon the state. For example, Maryland's homestead tax limits the amoun... Read More »