What is a homeowner's insurance restrictions on dogs?

Answer Individuals who own dogs may face difficulties obtaining homeowner's insurance. For example, if a dog has a history of biting, a homeowner may be unable to obtain insurance coverage.IncidentsThe C... Read More »

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Where can you find homeowners insurance that will cover boarding dogs on your property?

I'm not sure how much your kitten policy would increase, but my 2 policies for my dogs just went up 20.63% in the second year!! Obviously, I'm going to have to look for new insurance. I feel scammed.

Does homeowners insurance cover a homeowners fall?

You mean cover the owner who is listed on the policy? =No!

Can a Texas Homeowners association deny property owners a vote on deed restrictions if they owe assessment fees?

Read your governing documents to determine what rights you lose if you do not pay your assessments -- if any. Your governing documents are based on Texas State Law that covers associations. If yo... Read More »

Can my homeowners insurance refuse to cover my fiance for loss or liability on the home we jointly own because he is not related to me and make me buy renters insurance for him in NJ?

Laws may be a little different in the Armpit of America but in the communist state of MA as long as you jointly own the home then you would be jointly covered on the home policy. If so then they ca... Read More »