Anyone got a natural remedy for headaches?

Answer Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches and Migraines (Without any side effects or complications :-HEADACHE :-With constant nausea; clean tongue Ipecac 30X, 3 hourly With severe throbbing and rush of bl... Read More »

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Effect of Prolong use of Computer Monitor Glare brings eyestrain and chronic headaches. Any remedy ?

Always remember to look out your window at something green and far away! Do it once in a while, it will relieve some eye strain!

Aussies what is the best home remedy for your health or cleaning your home that works?

For food spills on the floor, let the dog in.

Any home remedies for headaches?

you don't need remedies, all you needis to keep good posture and keep blood sugar level.two types headaches: front and back headache and one side headache or both side.low blood sugar known for cau... Read More »

Why do I get headaches when Im home for too long?

Hi if you are getting headaches in your home, and then you feel better when you go out you should check to make sure that you do not have a carbon monoxide leak in your home. A headache can be one ... Read More »