Does anybody have a home remedy for ear ache,please?

Answer If you are taking antibiotics you need to finish your course.... I am definitely not a fan of antibiotics. I am very alternative medicine... this has worked for me every time. At the natural health... Read More »

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What can i do for a tooth ache at home?

Go to or Supermarket or Pharmacist or Healthfood Storeand buy 'Oil of Cloves' .This is very effective ....the lid usually has a 'dropper'so a tiny drop can be dropped on the tooth every so oftenAsk... Read More »

Home remedys for tooth ache?

Take paracetamol and aspirin together. Try clove oil (get it from most chemists) and run some on the tooth. It is a mild anathetic but tastes horrible so beware! Try to dab it n the gum/tooth and s... Read More »

Can a jaw ache and tooth ache cause a head ache 10 POINTS!!!!!?

The link between teeth and headaches often involves something known as bruxism. This condition is marked by a grinding or clenching of the teeth (when you bite). After clenching or grinding the tee... Read More »

Tooth/gum abscess home remedy?

No judgement here, only kindness :)I'm a dental hygienist. First off, before anyone else starts answering this, I'm gonna tell you right now..DO NOT USE ASPIRIN. I don't know if you can anyhow s... Read More »